At this moment we have BLM Mustangs for sale at age between 1 and 10 years
and 3 beautiful Mustang stallions ready for breading.

Please see our Facebook site US-Mustang or call or write us.

Come and experience the real Mustangs and see what makes the Mustangs to a very special horse race.

A general description of all our lovely Mustangs will be such:
  • Very calm
  • Full of Confidence
  • Enjoy and seek attention
  • Easy to teach and willing to learn
  • Intelligent
  • Easy keepers
  • Hardy
  • Grateful

A horse race that has had minimal human impact and therefore a natural selection - survival of the fittest and only the strongest or smartest stallion will be able to continue the breed.
The Mustangs are comfortable and confident, so it is really a pleasure to work with them.
When a Mustang is tamed, it is the opposite of a "wild horse" - calm, sociable and teachable.

Mustangs have been used for the cultivation of several horse breeds, including of the world's most popular horse race - Quarter, now unfortunately also begin to develop "domestic horses" weaknesses.

Why not repeat a success?
There may be to the benefit of both horse and rider.

Do you have any questions fell free to call or write us.

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