Welcome to our website.
On this website we have gathered information about our work with BLM Mustang horses.

The work will involve training, trailer- and behavioral training, breaking and riding of horses and breeding BLM Mustangs, but we also have a variety of exciting Horsemanship events.

American BLM Mustangs:
Together with our training center we have the biggest Mustangs Stud outside North America.
We have chosen BLM Mustangs because it is a very special and amazing horse - super intelligent, quick witted, anxious to please, sociable and it has also a healthy body, good legs and strong hooves.

Open Ranch:
Every Sunday, in Easter, Pentecost and from April to September we have Open Ranch every day. You can come and see our beautiful location and experience the real American BLM Mustangs or just see how we work with and train horses.

Do you have any questions fell free to call or write us.

You can also find information on our US-Mustang Facebook site:

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